About Us

History of EidolonHost

EidolonHost was established back in May of 2009 as a project to prove to myself that it's not impossible to set up a successful business on Social Security Income. We're still growing as a start-up and we have you to thank for that!

What is EidolonHost's Focus Now?

We're focusing on providing stability and reliability above everything else. That means working to bring economies of scale to bear on the products that we offer. As we work towards that, this means you receive stable services at fair pricing. We've seen the results of the race-to-the-bottom mentality of other providers.

Realistically speaking... after having seen the results of that, how can we adapt and offer stable services? We believe the answer is in fair pricing for services rendered. After all, you get what you pay for.

Why is EidolonHost hosting its equipment in $PROVIDER datacenters?

First and foremost, we are a growing provider, and our primary requirements were that:

  • We have our own space.

  • Native IPv6 is available.

  • Public/Private Network.

  • So, that said, we operate out of the SolidSpace LLC facility at 450 W. Hanes Mill Rd. #100 Winston-Salem, NC 27105, with our private space and access to 40 GbE network capacity. We're happy to provide ample cross connects to our multihomed blend bringing your data to you at the speed of light. We are carrier-neutral and have Level3, TW, ATT onsite.


    EidolonHost licenses all of its products with the respective partners.

    We will add license validation checks here as they are developed.