Colocation Policy


All colocation customers are allowed to come into our datacenter colocation space to work on their own systems at any time. All we ask is that you contact us at least 30 minutes in advance so we can be prepared for your arrival. If that is not possible, there may be some delays, but you would still be allowed into the space. You must be listed as a contact in the Billing Panel or we must receive an email from a primary contact granting access to the space for you to be allowed into the data center space. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the data center space unless they are specifically granted access by an authorized contact and a $1 million per incident liability insurance policy is in place, listing as an insured party.

Organizational Policies

If you do come to the datacenter, there are certain rules you must follow. First, please clean up after yourself. There are trash receptacles inside all of our datacenter spaces and large garbage carts near the entrances to all datacenters where all trash should be thrown out. In addition, we do not allow anything to be stored inside your server cabinets other than the servers and related equipment. This means no paper, boxes, CDs, CD cases, etc.

If you do need to store things at the data center we do have shelves available for colocation customers on which to put these items. We also provide, at no additional charge, installation media for most common operating systems, power cables, Cat 5e network cable (7 foot, 10 foot, and a spool), RJ-45 ends, cable crimpers, cable testers, label makers, cage nuts and screws, and crash carts (with keyboards, monitors, and mice) so there should be no reason to need to store these items.

These items are available on the shelf in our space labeled “Customer Use” and those items should be put back when you are done with them. If you do not return items and/or clean up after yourself you may be charged for clean-up at our standard rate of $40 per half hour.

Any cables run must stay inside your cabinet space and any cables run between cabinets must be run inside the lower basket rack above the cabinets. It is also recommended to label every piece of hardware and network cables to assure quick resolution of support issues, etc.

One important thing to note is that we no longer allow customers to store exposed cardboard, wood, or paper products anywhere in the data center. This is for both fire prevention and cooling reasons. Any cardboard or paper should be either thrown out in the trash receptacles or taken back with you. If you do need to store items that you would like to keep in boxes, etc. we can provide plastic storage units for your own use.

All customer cabinets/equipment must maintain front to back airflow. The data center is setup in a strict hot-aisle cold-aisle configuration, and any changes in the airflow patterns can negatively affect other clients. Blanking panels are provided at no charge, and may be installed pro-actively, to correct any improper airflow.

Prohibited Hardware

We have a list of prohibited hardware that will always be updated as new prohibited hardware are brought onsite to each datacenter facility we operate.

Currently, the prohibited hardware is as follows:

  • Hubs used for networking equipment.
  • Wireless access points.

    There is no reason for wireless access points to be present in our facilities. Plugging in via ethernet wire is required, be it through a laptop or other means of access to your servers.
Support Requests/Shipping

If you do need us to do work on your colocated equipment you understand that by making that request that you will be charged our on-site labor rate of $90 per half hour. There is no fee for rebooting a system, booting into a different kernel, or doing basic software tasks which do not require logging into the system.

There will always be a fee for work with hardware or more complicated software work. As a note, with colocated equipment we will only do what is asked and we will only follow specific commands.

We are unfamiliar with the hardware and software you are running, so simply saying “Fix it” will not be adequate. The less specific you are, the more time it will likely take for us to complete your request and the more you will be charged. Also, charges can only be requested to be put on the account by the primary and/or billing contact(s) on the account. To add or remove someone from the list of primary and/or billing contacts, you can login to your account at the Billing Panel and under Contacts, click “Additional Settings”, then click on the drop-down list and select Billing or Support. Finally, click Create Contact to add your authorized Billing or Support representative.

To be able to request charges to the account, including on-site work, upgrades, etc. the person must be specifically listed as a Billing Contact or a Support Contact with a note that they're authorized to add billing for work done.

Any items shipped to us must be shipped via UPS, FedEx, DHL, local courier or freight service. We do not accept shipments via the US Postal Service, but you may also drop off the equipment yourself. If the item is shipped you must provide a tracking number to our support department, so we can identify the product as yours, along with setup/installation instructions. Nothing will be done with the system unless it is specifically requested. It is expected that any equipment sent is already configured/installed. Any installations, or other related work, would be billed at our standard rate of $90 per half hour and detailed instructions must be provided.

Power Utilization

When allocated a full circuit it is the customer's responsibility to assure that the fire code is followed, which does not allow more than 80% sustained utilization on a given circuit. If it is noted by our staff that this code is not being followed the customer will be contacted and given 24 hours to resolve the issue. If the issue is not resolved within 24 hours we reserve the right to take whatever action is necessary to resolve the issue.

Questions? Comments? If so, please e-mail with the subject: COLOCATION POLICIES

Thank you!


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