1. Where's your Acceptable Usage Policy?

Our Acceptable Usage Policy was combined with the Terms of Service page, found here.

2. Will you have Live Chat available?

We're working on bringing you this functionality. We do not have an ETA for when this feature is enabled. For now, please visit the Billing Portal to open a ticket.

3. How do I report broken links and/or missing pages?

While we work to ensure our site doesn't have a broken page or missing links, please submit a ticket in the Billing Panel, to our Technical Department and we will have it fixed.

4. Speaking of broken links... why is your social media icons missing?

That'd be due to the ad-blocker you're using. Disable the option that blocks Social Media buttons, or if you're not willing to do that, whitelist the eidolonhost.com domain and you'll be able to see the icons. We don't sell ads, just direct links to sites that we're Partners with or are using Social Media with. See our Privacy Policy for our policy regarding tracking.

5. Why are you not doing unlimited plans for Shared Hosting?

We're not interested in offering over-sold servers with unlimited data and bandwidth. In our experience, it's caused more problems and thusly, why we chose to stay with stability and reliability.

6. Why did you choose your provider(s)?

We prefer to work with providers that have proven reliable in providing us with the space we need to set up our own services. We researched providers with the requirement that:

On-site Staff that we can talk to for further help if needed. (For example, a complex network set-up that a customer may desire.)
Has both IPv4 and IPv6 capabilities
Has Private/Public Network
Local OS repository

7. Will you waive the set-up fee?

No, we're sincerely sorry, but we cannot waive set-up fees. When we charge a set-up fee, it is because it takes additional work to give you additional features that you might want outside of our standard offerings.

8. Will you ever offer Windows as a choice for VPS and Dedicated Servers?

Yes. At this time, though, our primary focus is on Linux in general. We do have a few Windows VPS and Dedicated servers, but they are currently internal, essentially under testing and development to ensure that they are stable and allow us to offer them. This means we're not releasing the VPS and servers to the public until we can ensure that we're able to offer stable, reliable service for customers that orders such a VPS or server from us. It would do us no good to have brand-new Microsoft servers set-up without testing and development, only to have them crash and have issues because of lack of familiarity.

9. What could I use a EidolonHost server for?

You can use a EidolonHost dedicated server for just about anything you can imagine as long as it operates and complies within our Terms of Service. Some of the most common uses are for web hosting, game server hosting, e-mail servers, development servers, disaster recovery servers, and a variety of other Internet-enabled applications.

10. Do you allow resellers?

Yes. We encourage resellers to take advantage of our low prices. We have even structured our Billing and Control Panels to be helpful for those wishing to resell our services. However, due to our low costs, we do not currently provide any discounted pricing to resellers. Many of our resellers provide a value-added service such as server management, web design, or some other service. We will, however introduce a Reseller Program at some point in the future.

11. What OS options are there?

There are no OS limitations at EidolonHost for Dedicated Servers, although there are some for our Virtual Private Servers. We will provide you with pre-built images for our Virtual Private Server offerings. While we will do the installation process for a limited list of operating systems (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, just to name a few Linux distributions and the latest Microsoft OSes), we also provide you with the opportunity to provide the media, and install your own OS through an IP KVM interface.

12. How does the IP KVM work?

IP KVM is provided for free on an as-requested basis for a 24 hour period. It can normally stay connected longer if other users are not waiting in the queue for access. Simply open a support ticket, and the next available IP KVM port will be connected to your system, and detailed instructions on how to access it will be provided to you. If you would like a private IP KVM port always connected to your systems, we do have this option at an additional cost.
Note: IP KVM access provides you with remote access to the video, keyboard and mouse inputs on your server. If you require specific install media, or software on a CD to be loaded or booted to, simply provide the URL of an ISO image, and our techs will burn and mount the media for you. However, we will not verify the validity of your ISO. Should Microsoft or another OS vendor contact us indicating that your server has an illegal installation, we will investigate, and suspend or terminate, if necessary.

13. Does EidolonHost have contracts?

EidolonHost does have contracts for extended service periods. But for the majority of our clients, we bill you on a monthly basis, and you are able to cancel your service or server with a mandatory 5-day notice at any time through the Billing Panel.

14. Do you have discounts for pre-payment?

Yes. You'll see a variety of options for discounts when pre-paying for a period of time, such as six months to three years.

15. How is Bandwidth measured?

Bandwidth is measured depending on the account type that you select when ordering your services. For Shared and Reseller plans, your plan will state how much bandwidth is allocated to you. However, should you get a bandwidth warning e-mail, you can choose to upgrade to the next tier of your plan or purchase blocks of bandwidth. For Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers, you have the option of choosing capped unmetered bandwidth, or selecting burstable metered bandwidth where you are billed for your actual usage (GB transfer). Each method has advantages and disadvantages depending on how the server will be used. We aim to provide you with the best selection to meet your bandwidth needs.

16. How many IP addresses can I have?

You can use as many IP addresses as are required, but by default, each dedicated server receives either one (1) or five (5) IPv4 IPs, depending on the location you choose and each VPS receives one (1) IPv4 IP. We have very strict IP usage requirements that you must adhere to, but additional IP addresses within reason can be provided at additional but minimal cost. For larger blocks of IP space, additional charges may apply, as well as IP justification. All IP addresses provided will remain the property of EidolonHost.

17. What type of connection will I have?

This depends on the plan you choose and whether or not it's a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server. All Shared and Reseller servers are connected to 1Gbps switch ports, but are limited to 100Mbps by default. The host server for Virtual Private Servers are typically given access to 1Gbps bandwidth while Virtual Private Servers on the host server are limited to 100Mbps by default. 1Gbps ports are available as an option, however. You are able to select flat-rate capped bandwidth on a per-Mbps basis, or you could opt for burstable metered bandwidth. We make both options available to help you find exactly what you're looking for. You can upgrade from a 100Mbps port to a 1Gbps port for an additional $20/month. This does not change your allowed data transfer amount, and care should be taken to avoid unexpected overages if you decide on this option.

18. Who will have control of the server?

Only you will have control of your Virtual Private Server or Dedicated server (and whomever you grant access to). EidolonHost does not manage or maintain your Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Servers for you, unless you choose our Managed Servers option or add Server Management from us. It is your responsibility to manage and maintain your own dedicated server. This includes backups! EidolonHost does not access your server after we provide you with account details, and we do *not* backup your server for you. Anyone administering a server should understand this. With that said, we retain control of our shared and reseller servers, as well as the host servers' OS and the like that host VPS servers. For VPS servers, we do not choose the OS you want for your VPS, or control how you use your VPS so long as it complies with our TOS. You do.

19. Does EidolonHost allow adult content on their servers/network?

Legal adult content is allowed on EidolonHost servers and network. All content must adhere to our TOS and all applicable US laws. EidolonHost may require the customer to provide documentation meeting the requirements of 18 U.S.C. 2257 for our review. Any customer found to be in non-compliance with 18 U.S.C. 2257 or any other applicable law may have their account suspended or terminated without warning at our sole discretion.

20. Do you offer Control Panels?

Yes, we do offer control panels, but we leave the installation to you for non-InterWorx and cPanel/WHM based systems. We can provide the licenses for InterWorx and cPanel/WHM at an additional cost per month. Please contact sales for current pricing if this is something that you are interested in. You are always welcome to bring your own licenses with you if you are able to find them cheaper elsewhere.

21. Can I change the hardware specs of my server?

Yes, you can change the hardware specs on your server. The speed of the upgrade for your server depends on the availability of the requested hardware upgrades. An upgrade to a different server plan that matches your specs is also always an option in the event that we do not have hardware in stock for your upgrades. Should that happen, we will keep both servers online for you in order to ensure you have time to migrate data to the new server that is to take the place of your old server. After you've migrated the data to the new server, we will reimage the old server and place it back into our stock of servers.

22. How do I ask for custom partitions?

Please make a mention of the required partition sizes while placing your order in the system details and special requests section. Each server's partition sizes can vary greatly depending on the way the server is being used. You may also wish to take advantage of our free IP KVM access to partition and load your own system.

23. Is EidolonHost for everyone?

While we would like to answer that question with "Yes!", unfortunately the truth is that we are not for everyone. If you are not able to administer and maintain your own server, or contract that functionality out to someone that can, then EidolonHost probably isn't what you're looking for. While we do have fully managed dedicated servers in the works, the current offerings are only for self-managed servers at this time.

24. Can I upgrade my server plan?

You can certainly upgrade your server plan at any time you'd like. Depending on how you upgrade your server plan, if you're using Virtual Private Servers, EidolonHost's control panel will allow you to upgrade the server with a simple reboot to the desired specs. However, downgrades are not currently supported (yet!). For Dedicated Servers, EidolonHost will upgrade your server as requested within a reasonable time-frame.

25. Do you install the Operating System, applications, and software?

EidolonHost will load your Operating System, and main software packages as requested. However, we are not able to implement additional software solutions that are outside of our standard offerings. Supported software includes Apache, PHP, MySQL, and a variety of other basic packages. Most of these, a virtual private server and dedicated server customer should be able to install and maintain on their own, with their own configurations, and security restrictions in mind.

26. What does EidolonHost technical support include? Are there charges for additional support?

EidolonHost does have staff available 24/7 to meet your support requirements. However, the included support only covers matters dealing with our control panels for shared, reseller and Virtual Private Server plans. Our Dedicated Server plans include support for hardware, power, or network problems. Hardware *will* fail, the only question is when. EidolonHost will not attempt to recover data from failed hard drives from dedicated servers. If your hard drive fails and you have not made a recent backup, please do not look to us for recovery services. Since the servers we are selling are self-managed, we are not able to provide you with software support outside of managed server plans. Additional support that is needed outside of our managed server plans will be charged at $90/hour.

27. How long does it take to get my server after I place the order?

After your order has been placed, we begin the work on getting your server configured exactly as you ordered as quickly as possible. Most servers are online within 24 hours. However, depending on hardware availability and software requirements, it might take up to 72 hours to complete. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will not be placed online until the following Monday at the earliest.

28. Do you set up the DNS? What about Reverse DNS?

We can handle the forward DNS for you at no additional cost. The only requirement is that you point your domain name to our name servers at:

We do provide DNS record access via our control panel. Most of our customers simply choose to use CloudFlare and other such DNS providers. We handle reverse DNS for all of our IP addresses. If you need to have reverse DNS changed for any of your IP addresses, simply submit a support request with the PTR record(s) requested.

29. Does EidolonHost allow IRC or P2P applications on the network?

EidolonHost would like to acknowledge that not all IRC usage is considered abuse, so IRC is allowed. However, our TOS is strictly enforced when it comes to IRC abuse or misuse. If you are not able to control the users of your system you may wish to ban IRC or implement your own firewall rules to avoid having your server terminated. P2P is not allowed, as there is far too much of a risk of having illegal content pass through our network.

30. Do you offer Remote Reboots?

Yes, and you don't even have to rely on our support staff to have this done. You can control the power to your servers right through your Billing Panel. You can view the current power status, and cycle the power whenever you need to.

31. Can the EidolonHost name be removed and replaced by my own company name when my client looks up their IP?

As it relates to reverse DNS, certainly. For Whois information, the IP space belongs to EidolonHost, and ownership cannot be transferred. However, we are able to sub-delegate IP space to you, but it will still show that we are the owners of the IP space.

32. Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. If you would like to pay via PayPal, you may do so using the PayPal debit card or your Paypal account, which can draw from your Paypal balance, and we would see it as a MasterCard, or see your Paypal account's e-mail. Alternatively, you can use Google Wallet as an option, but this is not recommended, as Google Wallet does not provide sufficient methods for notifying us that a payment has been made, and a charge needs to be authorized to the card.

33. Why should I choose EidolonHost over other providers?

EidolonHost goes to great lengths to provide you with the best shared, reseller, virtual private server and dedicated server solution out there without putting a dent in your wallet. We provide many advanced features for free that other providers often charge for (remote power control, upstream firewall access, IP KVM access, flexible bandwidth choices, etc.). We're confident that you'll find what you're looking for at EidolonHost. If by some chance you don't see exactly what you're looking for, chances are that we can still provide it. Please contact our sales team at: sales@eidolonhost.com if you have such requirements.