• Step 1: Welcome
  • Step 2: Existance Check
  • Step 3: Writable Check
  • Step 4: Database Settings
  • Step 5: Forum Settings
  • Step 6: Database Population
  • Step 7: Admin Account
  • Step 8: Finalize Installation
Overall Progress


Welcome to ElkArte. This script will guide you through the process for installing 1.1.8. We'll gather a few details about your forum over the next few steps, and after a couple of minutes your forum will be ready for use.

It looks like Settings.php and/or Settings_bak.php are missing from the default directory of your forum, ElkArte will try to rename the sample files provided with the installation. If this operation fails, please rename Settings.sample.php and Settings_bak.sample.php respectively to Settings.php and Setting_bak.php before running this script.

We've completed some initial tests on your server and everything appears to be in order. Simply click the "Continue" button below to get started.