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Public RSA Keys

There may come a time when you wish to provide an EidolonHost staff member with SSH access to your server without providing your root password. To save yourself from having to tinker with passwords, below is a list of our public RSA keys. Check back from time to time, as the keys do change.

You can place the entry of choice in /home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys.

Or, if you're providing root access, /root/.ssh/authorized_keys after you verify that this is the correct file. We've provided MD5 and SHA1 sums of our file to ensure you're getting the correct file from this server.

Keiro Ituralde

Download: publickey.txt

MD5sum: 22268715f4a33b74a4f2c32a34c54de3

SHA1sum: 6a04ad2ec9b02812182885d69d34313bdea70ee5

Installing SSH Keys

As mentioned at the top of this page, you can place the keys you've downloaded from this server into your .ssh/authorized_keys file.

Download our publickey.txt file: wget and after this file's downloaded…

Verify the file:

md5sum fetch.php\?media\=wiki\:publickey.txt


sha1sum fetch.php\?media\=wiki\:publickey.txt

Install the file:

mv fetch.php\?media\=wiki\:publickey.txt authorized_keys in /home/username/.ssh/ if you don't have an existing authorized_keys file in your .ssh folder.

Otherwise, if you do have an existing authorized_keys file in /home/username/.ssh/, it is best to download the file and then:

cat fetch.php\?media\=wiki\:publickey.txt to get the public key to copy to your authorized_keys file without unintentionally eliminating your installed SSH keys.

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